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Your Early Childhood Education Centre

Ages 4 months to 5 years

02 9361 0169

About Bambini's Childcare Centres

There's childcare and then there's Bambini's

Bambini's Childcare Centres adhere to a holistic approach of early childhood education. When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their

self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them.  Within our centres we have created the right balance of fun, education, care and love; with respect for the children and you as their parents. 

Once they leave our Early Childhood Education Centres, they are fully prepared for the next

stage of their young lives.

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Our Programs

Rather than tell you about our innovative programs we would prefer to show you.

Come and visit us to see what makes us different and why being part of the

'Bini' family creates memorable experiences for your child.


Our Baby Room

From the moment our babies join us we ensure their day is filled with experiences to stimulate their senses, enhance their individual development and meet their needs for love, warmth and care.  

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Our Toddler Room

The toddlers room creates an environment that enhances and encourages all areas of development in a friendly and reassuring way.  The children are never rushed to finish their activities which are based around their interests. At this stage the children are interacting more with each other and starting to form friendships through collaborative play.  They are discovering their own unique personality and self-esteem, which we help to flourish, with acceptance, compassion and guidance.

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Our Pre-School Children

Give me the world I’m ready – but not quite!  Our pre-school children still need to develop knowledge by acting on their own experiences in numeracy, language & literature, creative art, physical activities and pretend play. Therefore fun, guidance, enthusiasm and praise are all important aspects of our preschoolers day.  

Our objectives for the children are to ensure they are having fun whilst prepared and ready for their next step to school. 

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Bambini’s understands the importance of looking after your child’s social and emotional health & wellbeing 

Mindfulness: We encourage the children to participate in activities that use the senses to tune in to internal and external experiences with curiosity.  By staying in the ‘present’ moment we aim to increase their ability to self-regulate emotions and learn how to be ‘still’.  An increase in self-awareness and empathy towards others builds positive friendships and self-confidence. 


Physical Exercise: A multi-sports program ensures the children are learning about different sports whilst acquiring new physical skills as well as exercising their heart, lungs and major muscle groups. The children learn what it means to be a team member, about fair play and most importantly will feel great about themselves and their achievements.


Sight & Speech Screening: We provide complimentary screening for the children to ensure professionals, prior to the children starting Kindergarten, identify any potential problems quickly.

Your Child's Health
Your Child's Health

Bambini's Childcare Centres Mission

We Educate, Support, Encourage, Nurture and Inspire.

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Contact Us

157 -159 Cook Rd, Centennial Park NSW 2021, Australia

(02) 9361 0169

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Our Testimonials

A Message From Some of Our Families

As you can imagine when it came to putting our first born in childcare at almost 12 months we were pretty anxious and emotional, I remember when we accepted the place the director said “welcome to the Bambinis family” and that’s exactly how I would describe our experience, Bambinis was our family for many years. There is something pretty unique about the centre, the staff are always happy and bubbly and this really helps put both kids and parents at ease. The outdoor areas are excellent and the location of the centre itself is amazing with Centennial Park right on its doorsteps. Our little girl loved Fitness Friday each week and really came out of her shell to become a very confident little 3 year old, Bambinis really helped her find her own personality. The centre were always very accommodating with casual days and even when I went to hospital to have our second girl, they were available to take our oldest for extra days etc. which is a godsend when you do not have grandparents or family close by. We recently moved to South Sydney and one of the saddest parts for us was saying goodbye to Bambinis, our daughters little friends and all the staff.
If you were to ask me would I recommend Bambinis to a friend?

I would say 100% yes!!

Lorraine Smyth

Bambini's has been and will always be a special part of our lives. Bambini's makes it warm and loving, just the kind of environment that children feel safe and therefore are able to thrive.

Moving back to Sydney after a few years in Asia, our two boys adjusted into their new home and school environment quite quickly. The educators were very responsive to the children's emotional and social needs. It was important for us that the children felt safe and secure, and our kids certainly felt that way as there were always ears listening, and warm cuddles when cuddles were needed.

Bambini's made learning fun, my drive home was filled with the boys chatting about their day. Fitness Friday was awesome in that the children were exposed to different sports, from cricket to soccer to footy, and other fun games. They shared about the activities - setting up a tent when they went camping, all about horses when they visited the horses, the books they read, etc.


We felt we had an extended family in Sydney with Bambini's. They extended their nurturing beyond the children, always connecting and asking about us parents too. And they do it because they genuinely care. Thank you, Bambini's.

Alyssa Yoong

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Both our boys attended Bambinis from 9months of age and we couldn’t have asked for a better centre. The staff are all amazing and go above and beyond to provide the best care for the kids. There are always interesting and new activities for the kids and so many creative ideas to allow them to learn and develop through play. And we arrived each afternoon to happy, smiling faces which gives us one less stress!

Anna Coles

We cannot speak highly enough of Bambinis. Putting our first child into daycare at 11 months old was extremely nerve wracking. No one had ever looked after our little one before starting on daycare. They Bambinis team made this process incredibly seamless and put our minds at ease instantly. From the moment we attended orientation we felt a part of the family. Our little one went to Bambinis for 10 months before we relocated to qld and I’m not sure we will ever find a daycare like them again. Missing the binis family, that’s for sure.

Hannah Adams

A truly OUTSTANDING childcare centre. Exceptional care, tremendous creativity and focus on individual developmental needs. Staff are superb and the environment is focused on the child’s needs. I have only wonderful things to say about my experience. We have left only because of our relocation but we will be back for the occasional visit. Bambinis was/is an extension of our family.

Sarah Kissane

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